Hi, I’m Dr. Alicia Cheek!

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By day, Dr. Alicia Cheek is a biochemist and motivational speaker for youth and young adults.

By night, Alicia is a sought-after Career Consultant dedicated to helping professionals succeed in their dream careers by teaching essential application and interview skills. Her effective keyword optimization strategies are proven to get her clients' applications noticed.

In late 2017, having been fired from her job after 5 months, Dr. Cheek had to think fast before her family blew through their emergency savings. After doing extensive research, she cracked the code on online applications and resume writing. A month and a half into her job search with no interviews, her phone suddenly didn’t stop ringing! After receiving a job offer, Dr. Cheek was also able to successfully negotiate the highest salary possible for her job grade. In May 2018, she started career consulting and resume writing. She is thrilled to provide tangible resources to career-minded individuals for career advancement and success.